SheSkillz Global's mentoring program connects individuals with diverse backgrounds, offering online sessions, documented progress, and a certification upon completion.
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Experience a supportive environment tailored for women with over 8 years of experience or leadership positions, connecting you with senior mentors eager to contribute their expertise to help you succeed. Match with mentors according to your specific challenges, engage in career-focused discussions, and benefit from 4 mentorship sessions. Additionally, access our toolbox and enrich your knowledge with webinars covering essential daily work topics. Each webinar includes networking opportunities within smaller groups with mentors and mentees from around the world.

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of a new, thriving generation. Engage with and learn from diverse individuals, gaining fresh perspectives that invigorate your approach to work and life. Join SheSkillz Global to be at the forefront of innovation and cultural exchange.


Break geographical barriers and exchange insights with mentors from various countries and backgrounds. SheSkillz Global connects you with a global network of peers, fostering cross-cultural conversations that enrich your understanding of the world and professional landscapes.


Access exclusive webinars that provide valuable insights and knowledge to elevate your professional journey. Attend sessions curated for your growth, expanding your skill set and staying informed about the latest trends and developments.

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and become a part of a global movement driving positive change through skill-building, confidence, and sisterhood.

    Join us today and embrace the transformative experience of mentorship. Together, we'll pave the way to success, breaking barriers and shattering ceilings.

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    Join our vibrant community of mentors, fostering an environment of support and collaboration. Together, we can create a world where women uplift each other, break boundaries, and thrive as unstoppable forces of change.

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    Unleash your potential and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Join us today and become a part of a global movement driving positive change through skill-building, confidence, and sisterhood.

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    Join us in building a workplace where inclusivity and empowerment thrive, fostering an environment where female talent can flourish and propel your organization to new heights.

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    Join us in shaping a future where women rise as leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, making a positive impact on society and the global economy.

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    What the participants say about us


    The benefits of mentoring for career development are substantial. It connects individuals with mentors who can share valuable industry insights and provide guidance based on their own career experiences. Mentees can learn from the mentor’s successes and mistakes, gain new perspectives on navigating their career paths, and develop a clearer vision for their professional growth. Additionally, mentors can introduce mentees to professional networks, which is often critical for discovering opportunities and advancing in one’s career.

    Mentoring programs that are intentionally designed with diversity in mind can support and promote inclusivity in the workplace. By pairing individuals from diverse backgrounds with mentors, these programs can help to break down barriers to advancement and ensure all employees have the opportunity to succeed. Mentoring can serve as a catalyst for creating a more diverse leadership pipeline, as it helps to level the playing field and provides all employees with access to the same quality of guidance and career development opportunities.

    Tailoring mentoring programs for employees in leadership roles involves focusing on the development of high-level competencies such as strategic planning, effective communication, and leadership ethics. Experienced mentors can guide emerging leaders through the challenges of managing teams, navigating organizational politics, and driving change. These programs can also include elements of coaching on leadership styles and how to inspire and motivate teams. The goal is to prepare individuals for the multifaceted demands of leadership within the organization.

    For young employees, mentoring is an essential tool for professional development. It provides them with a trusted advisor who can help them navigate the early stages of their careers. Through mentoring, young professionals can gain insights into the unwritten rules of the workplace, develop key professional skills, and set realistic career goals. Mentors can also help young employees build their confidence in their abilities and encourage them to take on new challenges, which is vital for their growth and progression within any organization.

    Virtual mentoring can be as effective as in-person mentoring by carefully structuring the mentoring sessions and establishing clear expectations. Utilizing video conferencing tools allows for face-to-face interaction, while collaborative online platforms enable the sharing of resources and continuous communication. Effectiveness is also maintained by setting regular meeting times, having an agenda for each session, and using online tools to track progress. The key is to foster a strong mentor-mentee relationship and ensure that both parties remain.

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