Meet Deia Markova (French/Bulgarian) and Rolf Thorsen (Norwegian), two professionals, whose career exemplify resilience, expertise, and leadership. Mentee and mentor in our SheSkillz Global mentoring program, they are in this conversation sharing their insights on mentoring, leadership, education, parenting, and the symbiotic nature of learning from one another. Join us as we delve into their professional journeys and the wisdom they impart on achieving professional success with purpose and determination.
11 mins
Higher attrition rates and employee disengagement caused by the global pandemic, demographic changes and digitization, are forcing organizations to make a clearer distinction between human capital, which defines human resources as a means of production, and human development.
10 mins
“You would think that we in Norway, who like to think that we are world champions in gender equality, have come further than everyone else. Unfortunately, this is not the case.”
12 mins
Why is it sometimes so difficult to work with some people, while it can be straightforward with others? What are the types of personality I best work with, and what about the rest of the team? In this article, Guro A. Johnsen gives her view about how human relationships are essential at work and digs into the key factors to create a successful work environment to boost performances?
12 min Read
Executives should never stop trying new things, write Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl. Are you open to experimentation?
7 min Read
We all have an idea of good and bad leadership and how we want the relationship with our manager to be. The interactions between team members and leaders, trust, and good communication are essential for developing a good development culture.
6 min Read
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