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Photo source: Christoph Manzoni.  Picture is from an IBU Executive board meeting



Why is it sometimes so difficult to work with some people, while it can be straightforward with others? What are the types of personality I best work with, and what about the rest of the team? In this article, Guro A. Johnsen gives her view about how human relationships are essential at work and digs into the key factors to create a successful work environment to boost performances?
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Photo source: Christoph Manzoni.  Picture is from an IBU Executive board meeting


Marginalized people often suffer the most harm from unintended consequences of new technologies. For example, the algorithms that automatically make decisions about who gets to see what content or how images are interpreted suffer from racial and gender biases. People who have multiple marginalized identities, such as being Black and disabled, are even more at risk than those with a single marginalized identity.
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The future of Australia’s international education sector is on the drawing board. In the midst of Australia’s COVID-19 surge, the federal government released the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030. It paints a future for the sector built around increased diversification and a focus on student support and well-being.
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General Topics

Before we look back at the year that broke—well, everything—let’s take a moment to remember looking forward to it. Because looking forward to 2020 was a pretty big thing. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember looking forward to the turn of the millennium, which was the biggest thing of all.
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A World Where Talent Has No Gender

“The international football organizations UEFA and FIFA must focus more on gender equality”, states Karen Espelund, former-Norwegian football official (National and International). “If they don’t change, they’ll end up like dinosaurs at some point, and we all know what happened to them….”
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In this fourth conversation with leaders, Guro A. Johnsen, founder of SHESKILLZGLOBAL, interviews Jarle Aambø, Founder of Igloo Innovation and former elite sports director for Olympiatoppen. This is a talk about high-performance culture, cooperation, the importance of clustering, gender equality and mentoring.
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Conversation With Young Leaders

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