What is
SheSkillz Global?

Welcome to SheSkillz Global, an online platform designed for women to promote their skills and match their professional profiles with progressive companies from all over the world, looking for the experienced employees. We are an international community of talents, companies, entrepreneurs, mentees and mentors joint in a vision of building "a world, where talent has no gender".

Confident in the enormous potential of the diverse and inclusive job market, we empower female talents to not only match with their new employer and find a job but also to

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develop their career on its various stages, providing Mentoring Programmes, know-how Toolboxes, Webinars and more.

We also create opportunities for the companies interested in advertising open positions to attract local and international untapped female talents. By doing so, the companies strengthen the network of social responsibility, becoming an important lever for social transformation and contributing to raising awareness of empowerment and inclusion.

Recognising the significance of building supportive and well-connected communities, we align our actions with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As a dedicated global transformation stakeholder, we support in particular Sustainable Development Goal 5 focused on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls in their achievements.

Our platform is currently directed at female talents and their careers. We fully appreciate male skills and experience, inviting men as mentors to join our Mentoring Programme. However, matching male talents with companies will take place at a later stage, when the opening of our society and the job market to the best talents regardless of gender will be apparent in the selection of employees, their salaries and career paths. Our actions are aimed at bringing this day closer.

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Why be part of SheSkillz Global?

Our Mission & Vision


SheSkillz Global is an online platform designed for women to promote their skills and match their professional profiles with companies from all over the world. Our Mentoring Programme, Toolboxes and Webinars empower them to develop their skills throughout their whole carer. A wide range of opportunities for companies on our platform supports them in hiring untapped local and international female talents so they can actively contribute to raising awareness of empowerment and inclusion.


Every choice we make today, shapes the world we wake up in tomorrow. Fascinated by our individual uniqueness, we choose to bring more diversity of all human talents and experiences into professional life. Today we focus on supporting professional women and their equal access to job opportunities. Tomorrow, we co-create a world where work is done by simply the best talents regardless of gender. This is how the story unfolds.

Our Values


We are on a journey to “a world, where talent has no gender”. Every day we are one step further in transforming our beliefs and behaviours, cultivating the diversity of our talents, experiences and personalities.


We dedicate our time and energy to realising the vision of an inclusive society. No matter the sun or the rain, we are ready to meet the challenges and support shifting social paradigms.


We can rely on each other. Facing social challenges requires solidary decisions in many areas at the same time. With our trust in the collective effort, we dare to speak up for social development and innovation.


We open our space for mutual empowerment and joint action. This is how we learn every day that the more of us come together, the more we can transform the social fabric and make the impossible - possible.

The Team

We are an international team of experienced executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and two software companies, actively working towards realizing our vision of “a world where talent has no gender”. Our diverse backgrounds and mutual trust translate into innovation and forward-looking results of inclusion. Our Board Members: Kristin Marie Felde, Tunde Johnson, Anne Marion together with Guro A. Johnsen, SheSkillz Global Founder and CEO.

Anne Marion

Chair of Johnsenskillz AG,
French and a former consultant and a banker with global senior executive positions.

Dr. Stefan Jung

Responsible for bringing the idea into concept. R&D Manager and consulting experiences.

Thomas Schmidt

Our CFO,
former CEO of a bank, Partner in start-ups

Tunde Johnson

Business owner,
former executive global legal and compliance officer, different board positions. Our legal responsible.

Luis Sanchez de Leon

Former executive global Sales and Marketing, Serial entrepreneur.

Petter H. Johnsen

CEO Presight AS,
IT company, based in Stavanger Norway

Srikanth Mukala

CEO, Hamsahitech Pvt.Ltd,
A software company based in Pune India

Jürg Brand

Lawyer, business owner and investor

Guro A.Johnsen

Founder, CEO

Srikanth Apparao Mukala

Director IT Development

Isabella Raunigk

Brand Experience Director

Iva Grbic

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Social Media Consultant

Simone Eschenmoser

Office Manager

Thomas Emmenegger


Karen Espelund

Task Group Mentoring

Lorenzo Albrektsen

Legal & Client Support

Rolf Hartmann

External Legal Advisor

Nina Häberli

External Legal Advisor

Diane Huffman

Task Group Mentoring

Anja Lampret

Client Support & Promotion

Tunde Johnsson

Legal & Compliance

Dr. Stefan Jung


Gunhild Kvistad

Task Group Mentoring

Annabelle Thebaud

Task Group Mentoring

Anne Marion

Task Group Mentoring

Ranjeet Murade

Manager Software Development

Nicola Bellas

Senior Editor

Saahithi Mukala


Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy

Task Group Mentoring

Radhika Ananth

QA/Test Lead

Knut Roppestad

Leader Task Group Mentoring

Stein Dyrseth

Task Group Mentoring

Kristin Marie Felde

Task Group Mentoring

Hamsa Hitech

IT Solutions & Consulting

Presight Solution AS

Data Analysis And Insights


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