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Tara, an MD/PhD who works for a large public university, contacted one of us (Suzanne) a few weeks after participating in a negotiation workshop she ran, wanting to share some positive news...
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If fear is keeping you from negotiating, it’s time to start using everyday encounters to practice, so you can build your confidence and competence for higher-stakes negotiations.
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If someone said that you “negotiate like a woman,” what would you think? Would you think they meant you were too emotional? Would you take it as an insult…
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Executives should never stop trying new things, write Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl. Are you open to experimentation?
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We all have an idea of good and bad leadership and how we want the relationship with our manager to be. The interactions between team members and leaders, trust, and good communication are essential for developing a good development culture.
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Photo source: Christoph Manzoni.  Picture is from an IBU Executive board meeting


Women’s perception of unethical behavior among finance professionals may contribute to how underrepresented they are in the industry, according to a recently published article I co-authored with colleagues at Zhejiang University and Creighton University.
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