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Women are highly underrepresented in the field of cybersecurity. In 2017, women’s share in the U.S. cybersecurity field was 14%, compared to 48% in the general workforce. The problem is more acute outside the U.S. In 2018, women accounted for 10% of the cybersecurity workforce in the Asia-Pacific region, 9% in Africa, 8% in Latin America, 7% in Europe and 5% in the Middle East.
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With the first U.S. presidential election featuring a major party female nominee in the rear-view mirror and her male rival about to take the presidential oath, now is a good time to examine the progress women have made toward gender equality.
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Photo source: Christoph Manzoni.  Picture is from an IBU Executive board meeting


Headlines from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are indicative of the sexism and stereotypes that dominating much political reporting on women: “Hillary Clinton: Grandmother-in-chief?” (CBS News); “The Pros and Cons of ‘President Grandma’” (Time); “Could Hillary’s smile cost her the election? Twitter mocks Clinton’s ‘creepy grandma’ grin”.
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In my work as a gender and communications specialist I have met – and in some cases professionally advised – female ministers, legislators, mayors, community leaders and judges across the world, from the Dominican Republic and Honduras to the Netherlands and Sweden.
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Several years ago, I attended a management course at IMD in Lausanne. On the first day, we were given a test:“How to recruit in Japan”. I was new in the company with absolutely no recruitment experience. That day common sense was the winning key factor and probably a considerable portion of luck.
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Spending time with Dagmara Gerasimuk, you feel the positive energy in a good mix with strongness and competence. You fast conclude this is a person you want in your team if you're going to succeed.
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