Tara, an MD/PhD who works for a large public university, contacted one of us (Suzanne) a few weeks after participating in a negotiation workshop she ran, wanting to share some positive news...
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Higher attrition rates and employee disengagement caused by the global pandemic, demographic changes and digitization, are forcing organizations to make a clearer distinction between human capital, which defines human resources as a means of production, and human development.
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24.05.2022, Ruhpolding, Germany (GER):
Christoph Gressenbauer (AUT), Dagmara Gerasimuk (POL) and Gerold Sattlecker (AUT) - IBU Coach Education First Level Course, Ruhpolding (GER). © Wukits/IBU. Handout picture by the International Biathlon Union. For editorial use only. Resale or distribution is prohibited.


Headlines from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are indicative of the sexism and stereotypes that dominating much political reporting on women: “Hillary Clinton: Grandmother-in-chief?” (CBS News); “The Pros and Cons of ‘President Grandma’” (Time); “Could Hillary’s smile cost her the election? Twitter mocks Clinton’s ‘creepy grandma’ grin”.
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In my work as a gender and communications specialist I have met – and in some cases professionally advised – female ministers, legislators, mayors, community leaders and judges across the world, from the Dominican Republic and Honduras to the Netherlands and Sweden.
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Several years ago, I attended a management course at IMD in Lausanne. On the first day, we were given a test:“How to recruit in Japan”. I was new in the company with absolutely no recruitment experience. That day common sense was the winning key factor and probably a considerable portion of luck.
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Spending time with Dagmara Gerasimuk, you feel the positive energy in a good mix with strongness and competence. You fast conclude this is a person you want in your team if you're going to succeed.
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